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CDT Convention Presentations 2017



February 24 TEXAS SLP CONVENTION, Austin


June 12 BUD WERNER LIBRARY, Steamboat Springs, CO - a talk for caregivers

September 22 KANSAS KSHA CONVENTION, Overland Park

October 5 IMASH CONVENTION, Boise, Idaho

more to come!

Thank you for the opportunity!

Peggy and Nancy


We are Growing!

Your facility can become a DEMENTIA BEST PRACTICE FACILITY -

We are presenting to hospitals, doctors offices, corporations, ALF's and SNF's to educate and train all staff in best practice management of dementia.

We are available for a presentation to YOUR company.

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Advance Magazine for Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists

Dementia Therapy in SNFs

October 19,2009

For Caregivers:

Medical News Today blog post

Diagnosis Dementia: Tips for Caregiving without Losing Your Mind

May 13, 2012



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Consultants in Dementia Therapy is committed to providing resources and instruction in the development of Dementia Therapy Programs. The goal of CDT is to provide you with answers to give you assurance that your decisions are appropriate as you go forward building your dementia program.  Following CDT's proven model will increase your productivity and help your patients with dementia achieve or maintain their highest level of function!


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Dementia Therapy and Program Development is also available seperately in the CDT store.

This book will simplify and take the mystery out of therapy for patients with dementia. Our seminar in a book!

For OT/PT/SLP's and nursing.  Use it as a resource in your facility. Step-by-step guidelines for providing therapeutic interventions for our patients with dementia, including screening, staging, goal writing, interventions and activities. See a detailed description of our book in the 'Our Services' link above.

Would CFY's benefit from this book? Here is what two CFY's have to say:

"This book is a critical item to have on your bookshelf when working with the aging adult population. As a new grad, I can certainly understand how working with this population may be intimidating at first. Not only do you notice declines in cognitive functioning with this population, but you may also notice deficits in their communication skills. This certainly can make a new grad feel uneasy about appropriateness for therapy. This book provides information about staging these patients and determining appropriate expectations for abilities and therapy progress. Thus, it helps you analyze your patients and determine an appropriate plan of care and functional goals. Many new grads may question the potential for progress with these patients. This book allows you to think outside of the box and consider the individual needs of each patient in order to enhance/maximize or maintain individual skills in various areas pertaining to their enviornment and daily life. It also guides you through the development of management plans, as well as provides functional activity/therapy ideas. What sets this book apart is its focus on the individual patient, as well as its thoroughness regarding patient management. I cannot count the number of times I have used this book as a resource. I feel much more confident in working with this population, and I owe it all to Peggy and Nancy's signficant guidance through this book."
- Rachel

Rave Reviews:

"The Dementia Program is not only a life changer for the patients but also the clinicians using it. Being a new graduate, I felt unprepared to work with patients with dementia. I was given information about what it is and how it happens but never a way to treat it. I was very nervous to work with these patients but The Dementia Program helped me in so many ways. It gives you valuable information about the disease itself, therapy techniques, a home program, and even caregiver information. It is very specific and easy to use. I will definitely keep it in my tool box for future therapy and I highly recommend it to other SLPs in the field."



Dementia: Loving Care with a Therapeutic Benefit

This book is dedicated to the 15 million family members caring for their loved ones at home within the United States, and the millions more all around the globe. We have designed it to be practical and functional, discussing dementia induced behaviors and addressing behavior management.

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