Consultants in Dementia Therapy
CEU Opportunities
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The sponsors of our audio and video CEU courses are Northern Speech Services, PESI and, CIAO!
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Participant Objectives:
  • Distinguish differences between normal aging vs. dementia
  • Learn about the different types of dementia and how they impact the patient
  • Utilize evaluation and screening techniques to identify appropriate candidates for your dementia program
  • Understand how to stage a patient and why this is an important first step
  • Implement long and short term goals for four primary dementia deficits:  mobility, socialization, communication, behavior  - participate in the GOAL WRITING LAB to ensure your comfort level with this important task
  • Recoginze evidence-based interventions and activities appropriate for patients with dementia that will improve your successful outcomes
  • Develop a Functional Maintenance Plan
  • Learn treatment strategies for successful interventions to meet your goals

This is a course in dementia behavior management. This course also contains important information for therapists who need to either create or revitalize an existing dementia program.  The focus of therapy with this population differs from the traditional therapy model.  With this population the therapist will focus on functional skills management as it relates to mobility, communication, socialization and behaviors appropriate to the patient's stage of dementia.  Additionally, the therapist will learn specific guidelines for documentation to avoid reimbursement pitfalls.