Consultants in Dementia Therapy (CDT) offers several services.

Our goal is to improve patient care by providing the knowledge necessary to the caregivers that will improve quality of life for patients with dementia.


Services include:


1) Medical facility education and training to become a Dementia Best Practice Facility. Includes participation in a public database of Dementia Best Practice Facilities that have completed training.

2) Speaking to organizations, associations and societies on the topic of dementia behavior management for at-home caregivers including dementia therapeutic intervention and understanding the disease.

3) On-site consultation at your home or  facility providing one-on-one guidance for at-home caregivers, or facility staff including therapists and nurses in developing or revitalizing an existing dementia program.

4) Continuing education (CE) courses onsite or as an audio or video presentation. The CE course deals in management of the dementia population and caseload across all therapeutic settings including acute hospitals, rehab hospitals, home health, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities.

5)  Our book for therapists, Dementia Therapy and Program Development, includes important information on the following topics for a complete step-by-step guide to therapeutic intervention for patients with dementia. Available in our on-line store,,, and in the bookstore.

Content includes:

- Normal Aging vs. Dementia

- Causes of Dementia

- Memory

- Candidate Identification

- Staging of Dementia

- Developing Appropriate Goals for mobility, communication, socialization, behavior, dysphagia

- Developing Evidence-Based Interventions

- Developing Treatment Strategies

- Activities

- Developing a Functional Maintenance Plan

- Dysphagia Goals

- Dysphagia Intervention

6) Our book for caregivers, Dementia: Loving Care with a Therapeutic Benefit, provides an understanding of the disease process and  guidance for management of behaviors with appropriate expectations. Available in our CDT store or on