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Dementia Therapy and Program Development Book

Written by therapists for therapists.A practical guide for PT, OT and SLP's in dementia interventions, strategies and activities, long and short term goals, descriptions, staging, memory model, and more!

The book, Dementia Therapy and Program Development written by therapists for therapists includes the following information for PT's, OT's and SLP's:

- Normal Aging vs. Dementia

- Causes of Dementia

- Memory

- Candidate Identification

- Staging of Dementia

- Developing Appropriate Goals for mobility, communication, socialization, behavior  and dysphagia

- Developing Interventions

- Developing Treatment Strategies

- Activities

- Developing a Functional Maintenance Plan

- Dysphagia Goals

- Dysphagia Interventions

      - Medicare: A Historical Perspective

· By design, this book provides simplified, straightforward, step-by-step guidance.

· We have written this book to be used as a guide so you can take it to your facility and start or revitalize your dementia program the next day.

Peggy Watson M.S., CCC-SLP

Nancy Shadowens M.S., CCC-SLP