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CDT Lifetime Membership + Dementia Therapy Book Package

This subscription package includes a lifetime membership to our website offering restricted special content and support as well as the Dementia Therapy and Program Development book,downloads for MY MEMORY BOOK, Set Test and SLUMS screening tools, Global D

This subscription package is a lifetime-membership to the CDT web site.  Access is available for special restricted content for members only including Resource Web Sites, Support Materials, and e-mail support with the CDT team.  This package also includes our book Dementia Therapy and Program Development and downloads for MY MEMORY BOOK, Set Test and SLUMS screening tools, Global Deterioration Scale, our Reminisce Questions and more!

More information about the book is available below.  Click the Add to Cart button to subscribe and purchase the book now!

The book, Dementia Therapy and Program Development includes the following information:

- Normal Aging vs. Dementia

- Causes of Dementia

- Memory

- Candidate Identification

- Staging of Dementia

- Developing Appropriate Goals for mobility, communication, socialization, behavior,


- Developing Interventions

- Developing Treatment Strategies

- Activities

- Developing a Functional Maintenance Plan

- Dysphagia Goals

- Dysphagia Interventions

- Medicare: A Historical Perspective

By design, this book provides simplified, straightforward, step-by-step guidance.

·      This book is to be used as a guide so you can take it to your facility and start or revitalize your dementia program the next day.

Learn how to:

- identify your potential candidates for therapy

- appropriate screening and evaluations

- stage your dementia patients

- write long- and short-term goals based on stage of dementia

- write daily/weekly notes

- devise strategies to achieve your goals

- identify free and low-cost therapy materials

- produce carryover of your achieved goals via

- functional maintenance plan (FMP)

- achieve and maintain dementia patients’ highest level of function

- recognize characteristics of dementia with dysphagia



Peggy Watson M.S., CCC-SLP

Nancy Shadowens M.S., CCC-SLP