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Consultants in Dementia Therapy has been providing information to therapists since 2009 through the website, CEU courses, Facebook posts and facility trainings. Thank you for trusting CDT as your source for information and ideas! 

The goal is to help ST/OT/PT's day to day therapy go smoothly, answer your questions big or small, help with specific dementia related issues, and strive to make sure you are productive.

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The Goal of CDT

Consultants in Dementia Therapy is committed to providing resources and instruction in the development of dementia therapy programs. The goal of CDT is to provide you with answers to give you assurance that your decisions are appropriate as you go forward with evaluations, goal writing and the most efficient therapy possible. Following CDT's model is designed to increase your productivity and help your patients with dementia achieve or maintain their highest level of function!

Welcome to the website!

This site was created for OT/PT/SLP's and all support staff who work with people who have dementia. We want to help you gain the confidence that you have the knowledge to provide appropriate therapy for this population.  

We want to encourage you to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

The number of people with dementia is growing across the globe. So, thank you for what you do, and be confident that you can be successful. 

This website will be closed in January 2022. You can reach us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks for visiting!

Peggy Watson M.S., CCC-SLP




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