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Consultants In Dementia Therapy, (CDT), was created to provide guidance to those who work and care for with people with dementia. The goal is to bring knowledge based in practice, and modeled on simple step-by-step protocols that have proven successful.

CDT was developed to provide you with answers and give you confidence that your decisions are appropriate as you go forward building your therapy program or caring for your loved one at home. 

Peggy Watson MS, CCC-SLP is a practicing speech-language pathologists with more than 30 years of experience working with the geriatric population. Watson is a specialist in dementia behavior management, interventions and strategies. Watson has presented to therapists and caregivers on the topic of dementia behavior management, nationally and internationally and to state and national conventions. She is co-author of two books, one for therapists, Dementia Therapy and Program Development, and one for caregivers, Dementia: Loving Care with a Therapeutic Benefit.

Watson is a member of the Colorado Speech-Language Hearing Association and the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. Watson is founder and owner of Consultants in Dementia Therapy PLLC, a company created as a resource for therapists, medical personnel and caregivers, and as a consulting company for facilities developing or enhancing dementia programs. 

Ms. Watson received her B.S. at Arizona State University and M.S. at Lamar University. She has practiced in home health care, acute care hospitals, rehab hospitals, long term acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. In addition, she has worked in the university setting as an adjunct faculty member.

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